Twitter, Shockingly! 130 Accounts get Hacked, Company feels “Disappointed”


What is your utmost concern in the digital world? Most of the individuals or maybe for everyone it’s security and protection from the scammers, hackers, and attackers, isn’t it? On 15 July, Wednesday, approximately 130 twitter accounts of big-celebs or high-profiles including Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet were hacked. Now, we are heading next week, so it is very crucial to know what sort of actions are taken by the company? In a blog post, the company has mentioned, that they are disappointed and embarrassed due to this.

But, at the same time, the company has claimed that this all happened because of human error or intervention instead of security loopholes. Commonly, cyber-attacks take place due to the vulnerabilities of the platform and exploit those vulnerabilities to get access to the user’s account, and currently the same happened with Twitter. This was a bitcoin scam as attackers or hackers asked the users to transfer the money to some bitcoin accounts. Moreover, hackers said to the high-profiles that, afterward, the money would be double. However, as of now, the company is working to get the accounts back.

The company has informed that out of 130, hackers or attackers have successfully reset the passwords. Additionally, the company has also revealed that around 8 account information has been downloaded by the hackers or attackers through the “Your Twitter Data” tool. However, those 8 accounts are not the verified accounts, still, the company is trying to contacting the affected account owners.

hackers are accessing twitter data

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After being aware of this issue on Wednesday, the company has immediately taken the action to control and regain the affected or hacked accounts. Late on Wednesday, we were successfully restored many accounts, and as of now, we’ve restored multiple accounts that were hacked and hackers or attackers changed the password for their owners, the company said.

And the company has stated that they are working to make the platform more strong than earlier and focusing on some core aims as of now. Including restoring all the accounts who are still locked, cooperating with law enforcement, work on to make the platform stronger and safer,  and many more. Apart from this, the company has mentioned in the blog post, that they are prominently working to gain the user’s trust again who access Twitter the most and rely on it.

This bitcoin scam which hacked accounts of many high-profiles is the warning call for Twitter to stronger their security functionality. Because in this digital era security is the foremost concern of every individual. During this pandemic time, when the whole universe is facing an economic crisis these scams are the way for hackers to earn money. However, Twitter has stated that they are fixing all the security loopholes and making its network more secure than ever for the future so no hacker can be able to get into the user’s privacy and hinder it endlessly.