Walmart Joined Hands with Instacart to stand against Amazon’s Whole Foods


Walmart is teaming up with Instacart to give same-day delivery, initially starting in a few US markets. In the fight against Amazon and Whole Foods, Walmart teams up with the Instacart to make the latest biggest grocery chain.

Presently, the partnership is in a starting phase so this is available only in the selective markets in the US. Later on, the range will be expanded. Currently, four markets across California and in Oklahoma come under the starting phase where the service is available. This Walmart and Instamart’s partnership makes headway at a crucial time.

Because, as of now, due to the pandemic COVID-19 customers are more relying on the grocery online delivery. And some critics believe that consumers will maintain to shop online even the things go back to normal ways. Because this is the more productive yet easiest and comfortable approach.

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Offers Quick Delivery, to have a more robust position against Amazon

Instacart spokesperson said in the press release that, “today, we teamed up with Walmart for the very first time. So, now Instacart will delivers from the Walmart locations in some markets of the US. Including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Tulsa”.

Instacart already works with major chains like Albertsons, Aldi, Costco, Kroger, and Target. Instacart is already in chains with small enterprises and pharmacies like CVS. This platform already has a running partnership with Walmart Sam’s Club. Amazon’s biggest rival Walmart is ready to claim its worth in the market by establishing a grocery chain. Walmart’s partnership with Instacart should help both the retailers and the Instacart in dealing with the competition with Amazon’s Fresh and Prime Pantry Services.

Amazon has played a foresighted move by launching Prime membership because Amazon can provide its groceries and other shopping benefits to its Prime users including its streaming services which are a great deal for both Amazon and its users. This move has defended Amazon’s goodwill and worth in the market. But, the game is not over yet. Instacart and Walmart can still turn the table if they have something in their pockets.

The new alliance will surely bring thousands of items including groceries, pantry items, alcohol, home decor, personal care, electronics, and many more”. By providing quick delivery, this will compete with the position of Amazon and will make the big chain grocers as well.