WhatsApp will soon support multi-devices, Everything that you should know!


Recently, WhatsApp has got updated with a lot of interesting stuff that we are waiting for a long while. A new feature has been live on the iOS beta version that allows you to use the same WhatsApp account on the multiple-devices. For implementing the new feature the users have to enter the registration code.

Few reports have been suggested that the WhatsApp’s multi-device feature is still in the testing phase, but it will be coming out soon. WhatsApp’s beta version for iOS will let you use the same account into multiple devices. WhatsApp accomplished a feat to have a high audience across the world, still counting on. At the time, when you log in, generally WhatsApp asked to enter the verification code. In the beta version, or for using the same account to multiple devices, the app prompts that verification or registration code to have access.

As other sources suggested, that the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android has a lesser change in the user interface, and which is the photo icon of the camera has been supplanted by an image. However, this is a very inferior change that might be unrecognized for many.

WhatsApp on multiple desktops with a similar account

Presently, WhatsApp on multiple Desktops with a Similar Account is live

Currently, individuals can be able to use the WhatsApp on multiple desktops with the same account. For this, only one mobile device can be accessed. Prominently, an active internet connection on the phone is also necessary. While multi-device functionality is being refined, the much-awaited dark mode feature is all set to come out for desktops as well.

Though, there is no official announcement yet for its launch date. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is the most popular social media app until now across the world and constantly breaking the records in terms of subscribers. A few days back, a downfall in WhatsApp’s connectivity loop had been found. However, this happened for a concise period of time. And after a short break, this problem got resolved. In this downfall, users were unable to send or receive messages. Facebook-owned WhatsApp’s spokesperson had said, this was happening because servers are not working properly at that moment.

WhatsApp has constantly adapting ways to serve its users in the best way they can do so. The popularity of WhatsApp is the utmost in India and more than 5 billion users are accessing WhatsApp across all over the world. Really looking forward to seeing when this multi-device feature will be coming. Till then, follow us to get the latest tech releases shortly!

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