Wi-Fi is Receiving its Biggest Turning Point in 20 years


Wi-Fi is all set to receive its massive updates in 20 years and has a lot more to come. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has decided to launch a lot of spectrum in 6Ghz bands for unlicensed Wi-Fi use. This is a huge turning point after it had first introduced it in 1989. 

This is an immense spectrum since FCC made a way for Wi-Fi in 1989. That means now you will receive the more reliable connections in your next-gen devices. When this new spectrum will be authoritatively sanctioned at the end of this year, then you would be received the fastest and reliable connections.  

That means now more airwaves are open, that any routers can use to broadcast Wi-Fi signals. In the new spectrum, the power of space will increase fourfold for routers and other different devices. That clearly means a great deal of bandwidth with less interference for any gadget that can try to take access to it. 

This Upgrade will Fix all Wi-Fi Issues  

If you’re also facing an issue while connecting to Wi-Fi, then don’t worry this new update will fix all the connection problems. While connecting to a Wi-Fi, you’ve might receive a poor connection speed that is because many people are trying to get connected to it at the same time. So, if you are receiving a long list of Wi-Fi networks over the same bandwidth frequency, that means you are getting a slower connection.


But, this will not be an issue for longer because of 6Ghz far better aid in solving this problem. 6Ghz is a Wi-Fi band that is open for everyone, as of now, there are two bands 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. This will not only offer a lot of new spectrum of airwaves but also offers a spacious swath that reduced the overlapping of signals. 

FCC is giving up 1200Mhz of spectrum in the 6Ghz band. The new spectrum has capable to simultaneously broadcast up to 7 maximum capacity of Wi-Fi streams. This new third band 6Ghz gives the fastest speed than ever, transfers, and delivers data in just a few seconds. 

Prior to this upgrade, Wi-Fi has been working with 500MHz and all accessible channels had to cooperate with limited scope. 6GHz will give an extremely fast connection, and increased the fourfold of current space to traditional Wi-Fi. That clearly means, if in your society you are the first person to receive the 6GHz routers, then you will the only one to receive the fastest connection ever. According to sources, the first edition of Wi-Fi 6 will seems to available in stores at the end of the current year. Wi-Fi is the most crucial wave to connections on our smartphones, workstations and for the future, it will be a critical successor. As of now, we all are waiting for this new update arrival – that claims to be the fastest connection, transfer, and delivery speed ever.