Here are 10 Widget Apps of iOS 14 – You Should take a Taste of!


Finally, Apple has officially launched iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and watchOS 7 to the people. The new update carries many new and advanced features to the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch users. Moreover, the third-party app developers have to work hard to update their apps to take the benefit of Apple’s most recent tools. 

In spite of the surprise release of the iOS 14 that left the app developers in shock and unrehearsed. Energetically, some of them have led to accelerating their pace all through. Or even though, uproot an all-nighter, just to make their apps available with iOS 14 column on the release day. And for the very first time over many years, the new update of the iOS provides a new path for customers to manage their home screens. Now, the apps which you use lesser can be toggled away to the App Library, but those apps providing the information and news updates through the new advanced home screen widgets.

Neatly, the widget back will be a norm feature for a vast number of apps. But because of Apple’s way that elects to launch iOS 14 this year, there is not a big list of widget apps showcased on the first day. Despite everything, below we’ve mentioned the first apps which launched along with iOS 14 that incorporates fascinating iOS 14 widgets. Moreover, these apps and their widgets have available now to use after the official release of iOS 14. 


Fair news app Brief is fulfilling its words to bypass the clickbait with its self-colored designed widget to prevent hijacking. The front page widget will be carefully monitored by its official news team. And the second-page widget election snapshot will keep you updated about the latest presidential, house races. Moreover, it let you customize the widget to track their most preferred watched races. 


Social-media app Twitter’s client Aviary introduced widgets that let you view 1,2, 3, or 4 of the most recent tweets from your Twitter timeline. However, this depends on the widget size you opt for. 


It has launched widgets for its iOS Calendar application that shows your events, meetings, appointments, and the month. Moreover, it also shows your documents and other important PDFs or files. 


If you have a habit of creating a to-do list, then here is Streaks for you to make your this work much easier. Along with all the new widgets, it tracks your daily habits, aims, and even your complete progress. 


It is an advanced music player app for iPhone users and has introduced three widgets in various sizes. First is “Now Playing” which displays the current playing song and the coming one. The second one is “Magic Mixes” to shuffle the music. And the last one is “Music Collection” which displays the 8 types of curated content.  


Cheep’s app tells you about the wrong fares or other extremely discounted flight offers. Its latest iOS 14 widgets can be customized that let you check out the deals or offers without opening up the app. 

Weather Line 

What’s better than to have a good forecasting app. So, here is the best forecasting app Weather Line that provides visual data and predictions about the weather and forecasts. Now, its new iOS 14 widget directly brings the graphs and data to the iOS 14 home screen. 


Basically, its a mobile budgeting app, but now it introduces its widgets for keeping up the budget on the right track. So, you can easily get the data like where you have spent too much amount and where you have left your spending, and more. 


It a photo widget that lets you know an excellent trick on how you can put a photo on your home screen. 


Of Course, health is the only and foremost concern of every individual.  So, FunnMedia’s health tracking apps introduced the widgets to track your every movement, water consumption, and numerous other health goals. 

So, that’s all what new iOS 14 brought for its Apple users. Hope you find this really helpful, so what you have to do is – just follow us on YouTube as well to get the latest informative tech updates.