YouTube 4K Comes to Apple TV But With a Few Caveats

YouTube 4K Comes to Apple TV But With a Few Caveats

After Apple announced tvOS14 in this September, the Apple fans were eagerly waiting for the YouTube 4K to come on Apple TV. Now, the wait is finally over, and you can now stream 4K YouTube videos on your Apple TV. However, you won’t get the ultimate viewing experience that you may expect from YouTube 4K as Apple has introduced it with a few feature limitations. You do not get a few features. But, do not lose hope as Apple is expected to include these missing features in the future tvOS14 updates. 

Coming to the features that are missing at present but may form part of the future updates, this article shares the same with you. 

Missing Features in YouTube 4K for Apple TV

Below are the features that are currently missing in the YouTube 4K for Apple TV, but may be included in the future tvOS14 updates. 

No color depth and color contrast with HDR 

YouTube 4K for Apple TV does not come with HDR and, as a result, you may miss the color depth and color contrast that the HDR (High Dynamic Range) provides. We wish that Apple and Google work towards including it in the next updates. 

60fps only up to 1440p

At present, you can only play 60fps videos only up to 1440p on your Apple TV. Moreover, if you wish to watch ultra HD videos, then you can do so at 30fps and that too without High Dynamic Range, i.e., HDR. 

iPhone/iPad playback not supported

Currently, YouTube 4K video playback on iPhone and iPad is not available. You may need to wait for a while for this feature to come. As per Google, the 4K YouTube videos will be supported on iPhone/iPad soon. 

Despite the non-availability of HDR, 60fps, and iPhone/iPad playback, Apple TV is a decent device to watch YouTube 4K videos. Stay tuned to know more about when these missing features will be made available and other tech happenings. 

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