YouTube Automatically Deletes certain Chinese Communist Comments


YouTube has been always a star video platform across the globe. Many actors, influencers have started their career as a YouTuber. And YouTube is more than enough and always be. Since past months, there is one issue arises regarding comments on the Google-owned video platform. Keep reading on to know about that issue!

Suddenly, YouTube automatically removing certain Chinese communist phrases. That means comments which have certain Chinese language phrases were removed for its Google-owned video platform. However, the company claims that comments were removed by mistake due to an error occurrence.

Google-owned YouTube’s spokesperson has said that the deletion of comments happened due to an error. It is not related to the privacy policy. Nothing has to be changed in the privacy policy section. Additionally, the Spokesperson added that they are examining the error and working on fixing the issue as soon as possible.

Apart from this much information company hasn’t revealed anything yet like how the error occurred and why. As per the research, it has been revealed that the starting of the error had occurred since October 2019. When the problem was raised on the official YouTube page and many users also affirmed that they have had undergone the same issue and still facing.

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Within 15 seconds Comments Automatically Deleted

Comments from the videos or live streams have been deleted automatically that contains Chinese language phrases. However, their English translations are not the same. Within 15 seconds of dropping the comment on any video or live stream the comments get automatically deleted.

And, as of now, YouTube has banned in China for many years after creating accidental censorship so complicating. This issue of deleting the Chinese phrases has been raised on Tuesday by US technologist Palmer Luckey on twitter. Palmer Luckey has tweeted, “YouTube has deleted every comment I ever made about the Wumao (五毛), an internet propaganda division of the Chinese Communist Party. Who at Google decided to censor American comments on American videos hosted in America by an American platform that is already banned in China?”

In replying to Palmer’s tweet, many individuals claim that YouTube has not only deletes the only Chinese Communist comments but when in a live stream or video if someone drops the comments in 共匪, 五毛 this phrase. YouTube has deleted the entire comments or chats responses from that video.

Palmer Lucky has also charged that this might be the new policy of YouTube to block the certain Communist language phrase. To spread the negativity about the Chinese Communist. However, the biggest video platform across the world YouTube’s spokesperson has claimed that this hasn’t happened intentionally. This is happening just by a mistake or an error. Well, about the same issue the human activist Jennifer Zeng had also raised the questions in the mid of May. Jennifer Zeng had tweeted, “#YouTube “automatically” deletes a comment in Chinese, “Gongfei”, which means “communist bandit”,  in 15 seconds…”

But, as we’ve disclosed above that the complaints regarding the same issue have also found on the official YouTube pages and indicating October 2019 date. Well, this is the only assumption that has been made by the company’s spokesperson statement and several of Twitterati’s tweets. Currently, the Google-owned biggest platform is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.