Zoom Accepts Chinese Government Intervention In Suspending Activist Accounts


Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, people are only having digital interactions with their colleagues, friends, and family. Video conferencing has become a part of daily life, whether it is an office meeting or an online class or just a casual call with a group of friends. That’s the reason why Zoom a Chinese video conferencing app has got immense success in a short period. The app has gained popularity for its features and cheaper plans as compared to other alternatives. However, it also got famous for many wrong reasons. Some countries have even considered it as a threat to user privacy.

Recently the company has closed the accounts of some activists as per the request of the Chinese Government. But surprisingly, it is for the first time that Zoom has itself admitted the interference of the Chinese Government and laws in its working and decisions. 

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Zoom’s Acceptance On The Acceptance Of Government Intervention

In its acceptance Zoom stated that the Chinese Government has approached the organization and asked to suspend the accounts of activists holding memorial meetings about June 4, Tiananmen Square Massacre. The massacre was done by the Chinese Government to suppress the peaceful and nonviolent protests. Four activists Lee Cheuk-Yan, Wang Dan, Zhou Fengsuo, and one more is going to do a meeting over the Zoom’s video conferencing platform regarding that massacre by the Chinese Government. Following which the Government requested to shut down the conversation and accounts of the activists as it is against the Chinese Law to discuss such events or information. 

Zoom has suspended the accounts of Lee Cheuk-Yan, Wang Dan, and Zhou Fengsuo. After suspending the accounts, Zoom stated that ‘We could have anticipated this need.’ By stating this the company indicated its inability to cope up with such things. Along with this, Zoom has also mentioned that the company is working on a technology that can deal with such situations. 

The video conferencing platform provider is planning to make geographical restriction technology like Google and Amazon. With the help of this technology, Zoom can block or remove any information or content from a particular location where it is not legal.

Previous Allegations On Zoom

However, it is not the first scenario in which Zoom has been charged for hindering the privacy of its users. Security experts from across the world have alleged Zoom as a threat to the privacy of the users. The company was accused to route the calls of some users from China. Hence, Governments of countries like India, Taiwan, U.S.A., and Germany has marked this app as harmful for the user data. These countries have even banned this app for all government purposes.

Despite all these allegations, Zoom has almost 300+ Million users from all over the world. 

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