Warning! Zoom iOS may Steal your Data, Share with Third Party


Due to the coronavirus epidemic, now people are working from home so they use video conferencing apps to connect with each other. Zoom video calling app has been used for a while now and the person who is working from home has increased the app’s popularity.

Zoom’s iOS application has been secretly sharing your information with Facebook. Information like device and location information, analytical information, time the application is installed has been shared. The information being shared can be used to make advertisements. 

When you downloaded and installed Zoom it directly connects with the Facebook Graph API and that is the only reason why Zoom is able to share your information with Facebook. Another reason is all the video callings services use Facebook’s software development kits (SDKs).

Warning! Zoom iOS may Steal your Data, Share with Third Party

Most of the developers and programmers used Facebook SDKs to add special features to their applications. In both cases, Zoom iOS version send users information with Facebook without giving a warning message, either the user has a Facebook account or even if users don’t have a Facebook account 

Also Know: Warning! Zoom iOS may Steal your Data, Share with Third Party

Well, Zoom’s privacy policy indicates that the application may collect the user’s Facebook account information which is then might be shared with the third parties.

Recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation clarified how a host on Zoom call can observe the activities of members while screen-sharing. When the user records the video call, at that point Zoom heads can “get the access of that recorded call, including video, sound, transcript, chat documents, just access to sharing, analytics, and advantage of cloud management. 

This is not the first time when Zoom is sharing your data. As per research revealed, Zoom has a history of privacy issues. In 2019, a security analyst uncovered a bug that permitted webcams of Zoom clients to be hacked without their insight, despite the fact that the organization has said that the issue has been settled. Well, the other old security issues have been settled by Zoom.